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This letter was written, with a donation enclosed, to Ms. Berry to inform of ongoing fundraising efforts for the Berry Schools.

Berry tells Carlson that she has let Margaret French Cresson know that she lacks funds and time to continue with the portrait bust. She will work on getting a lower price for marble since Mrs. Inman has said they could not afford marble columns.

Meacham advises Berry of his and Mr. Hoehler's travel plans for Commencement.

Fred K. Hoehler writes to inform that he will be unable to attend the Commencement Exercises but that Standish Meacham will be coming.

Mr. Carlson writes to say that he is glad to hear from Miss Berry and hopes that all with her and her niece is going well. He also asks if Miss Berry has sat for her bust.

The Berry Schools writes to the office of Henry Ford with a bill from the architects of the Thompson-Starrett Company. The school requests a check from Henry Ford for the amount of $103,513.02


Letter encloses a certificate for $83,708.55 and asks that a check for that amount be written to Thompson-Starrett Co. for work performed on the new Girls' School buildings.


Martha Berry asks architect Harry Carlson's advice on getting John E. Bierwirth, Thompson Starrett Company vice president, on the Berry Board of Trustees and mentions a Rockefeller Foundation award to Shorter College. She lets Carlson know that "our Detroit friends" are expected to visit.

Martha Berry expresses her desire to see Mrs. Frank Inman, which was impeded by her hectic schedule. She also proposed Mrs. Frank Inman meeting with Mr. Cooper and Mr. Carlson.

Letter requesting donations for the construction of a guest cottage and includes the plans made by the architect. Miss Berry says that even a simple log cabin would suffice for a guest house and later a house for teachers. She also tells Miss Green about her mother's death and how she is all alone with Aunt Martha.

A.G. Zimmermann, architect, donates $50 to the school to help rebuild a dormitory that was destroyed in a fire.

Berry asks Liebold, secretary to Henry Ford, to approve a list of dining room and kitchen equipment in order to have the rooms usable by Christmas. She is particularly anxious to have the new building in use because the recent enlargement of the schools has made it necessary to serve the students in relays.

Manville writes to Berry to give her a special price on shingles. He asks whether the architect would rather have a Rigid Shingle than teh Slatekote which has been suggested. He asks that a photograph be sent of the buildings that are to be re-roofed so he can help them reach a decision about the best shingle to use as well as the number needed to work out a discounted price.

H.J. Carlson sends Martha Berry some building plans to extend Clara Hall southward. Carlson says he has included photographs and perspectives of the plans. Carlson estimates the plan to cost $500,000 and $550,000 with furniture.

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