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Sue Hauberg writes that she appreciated Martha Berry's wonderful expression of appreciation of the Hauberg's support.

Martha Berry thanks Mr Hall for his hospitality and kindnesses during her trip to receive a medal at a diner at The Waldorf-Astoria in New York. She expresses her appreciation and gratitude to The National Institute of Social Sciences for the medal and their consideration.

Martha Berry expresses her thanks for Mrs. Gould's gift and her support of the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry sends Mrs. Meyer a letter of thanks and informs her of the students' wonderful caroling. She also tells of how went into the mountains on Christmas to give presents to those who had none.

Martha Berry sends her sincere thanks to Mrs. Howells.

Martha Berry sends her thanks to Mr. Griffin for aiding her so promptly.

Martha Berry thanks Ethel Green for the gift she sent to Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Gray for the gift she sent to Berry which was greatly needed and appreciated.

The Berry Schools let Mrs. Grant know that even though Martha Berry will not be around, that they should still come and see the new improvements to Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Graham for lending her money

Martha Berry thanks Miss Graham for sending a book to Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Graham for the thoughtful gift she has sent.

The Berry Schools thank Mrs. d' Emden for the gift she sent Berry, as so many children wish to attend, but cannot without the help of others.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Drew for her kind gift as it helps her to do her job in a better manner.

Martha Berry lets Mr. Douglass know she will always remember his kindness and hopes to see him soon.

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