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Emily Hammond sends her congratulations on the School's 36th anniversary.


In this letter Martha Berry thanks Erwin A. Holt for always remembering the dates of the Berry anniversary. She also tells him that she will send a few copies of the Highlander under another cover.

Letter to Erwin Holt from Martha Berry thanking him for his recent anniversary gift to the Berry Schools. She expresses her wish that he could come and see the Berry School's Campus because it is lovely with all of the flowers in bloom. She informs him that she plans to be at the University, although she does not specify which one, and hopes to meet him while she is there. She also tells him that she will be bringing some Berry people as well. She then expresses her wish to go to a spring to get some water from it and talks about arranging a trip once she arrives at the University. She then sends her regards to Mrs. Holt and sincere regards from his friends at Berry.

In this letter Gunby sends an Anniversary Greeting for Martha Berry and the School.

Dr. and Mrs. Tobben thank Miss Berry for all that she has done for them and explain their plan to give a gift each year on their wedding anniversary - a dollar for each year of their marriage.

Martha Berry writes to Dee Tobben thanking her for her gift and expressing her disappointment that the Tobbens did not make it back for Commencement. She says that she never passes the Dental Clinic or Mr. Green's office without thinking of Dr. Tobben and Dee.

The letter is to Miss Martha Berry to thank her for the cotton balls that were received at Christmas time. There is also the mention of a beautiful anniversary book that was also received. There is a notation of a conversation with Will Richie who told of a visit with Miss Berry as he was returning home from Florida with his mother and son.

Martha Berry thanks the Alumni workers for gifts they sent her for the Anniversary (possibly the anniversary of the Berry Schools).

Miss Berry thanks Miss Mason for sending the check to help the Schools when the need is so great. She speaks of the celebration she is planning for the Schools' anniversary and explains that she will use Miss Mason's gift to send to Berry the children from the mountains that she has "tagged" but had to wait until she had enough funds.

Martha Berry writes to a Capt. W.D. Southwick asking him to talk a Mr. Franklin into donating a 'Franklin Car' to the Berry Schools so that she can visit some of the 6000 boys and girls they've trained. She also mentions that the 25th anniversary of the Schools is coming up.

Nellie writes to Martha with an anniversary gift for the Berry Schools.

Letter discusses the plans for a new dairy house and a recent anniversary celebration.

Martha writes to Miss Hedges to thank her for the Anniversary gifts that were sent to the Berry Schools.

Mary M. Halsted sends a donation of $25 along with her sincere hopes for the Berry Schools in their Silver Anniversary Year.

Letter from Emma J. Harbison to Martha Berry in response to anniversary literature.

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