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Ellen Merrell, a graduate from the Berry Schools, expresses her well wishes that Martha Berry is getting physically better and lets Martha know a little bit about her. She is studying at Georgia Baptist Hospital.

D. H. Mast sends a $10.00 donation to Martha Berry. He recommends that Berry require former students who are successful later in life be required to help maintain the school. He states that "The Best Education is that which is worked for."

Berry sends thanks for the Easter handkerchief, though she fears Henderson spent too much for it, especially as it is so expensive to live in Brooklyn.

Since Berry is unable to speak, a prominent man of the community has been chosen.

Berry cannot speak at Henderson's commencement, but offers that Inez Wooten could come instead. Berry is glad that Henderson is doing well and living up to Berry's ideals.

Henderson, class of 1929, hopes Berry will speak at graduation exercises at the school where she teaches.

Edmund Devol reassures Martha Berry that Kate Macy Ladd still has interest in Berry, but that she is currently deeply absorbed in settling her father's estate and setting up the Macy foundation. Devol describes a recent dinner with Berry graduates.

Mrs. Rhodes writes to send a donation by the Brooke Hall Alumnae and to request fabric samples for women's suits.

Chas Morgan writes to proclaim his interest in Berry. He says that, though he works at Berea College, he deeply admires the Berry Schools and is proud that he is a Berry graduate. He requests that Martha Berry call upon him if ever there is a way in which he can be of service to Berry.

Miss Berry's letter to "Boys and Girls" giving them an quarterly letter. Provides updates of the institute.

Martha Berry asks Mr. Martin when would be a good time for her to visit Augusta with a graduate of the schools. She would like to set up an exhibit there and perhaps show some of the "moving pictures."

S. W. McGill talks about his possible appointment to handle the campaign to raise money. He mentions several people who may be able to assist him in his work in securing money for the campaign.

Martha Berry expresses her regret in not getting more interest from the Liggett alumnae.

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