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The letter's author commends Mr. Luce for accurately representing the geographic and economic tribulations of the South. He also claims a past connection to Martha Berry and commends her for training young men and women to meet the issues of the South head on, especially agriculture.

Martha Berry asks the company if they might be willing to donate seeds to help the boys studying agriculture. She enclosed a list of seeds that might be good for the boys to work with. She also says that she hopes they will come up and visit the school.

Martha writes to Frank Parker thanking him for the letter of congratulations and for the Farm Forecaster. She also says that it would be great for Frank to visit again.

Letter accompanying a donation to the schools on behalf of his mother. It also references poor agricultural conditions.

This is a letter to Mr. Hoge regarding the prices of stump pullers.


Letter to Rife Engine Co. requesting a hydraulic ram and charts or cuts for classroom study.

Maness, Field Agent for the Georgia State Board of Entomology, writes following a visit to the schools. Maness describes his visit as akin to entering the land of Eden, where everything is an inspiration. He was especially interested in the previous year's cotton crop, which he describes in glowing terms. Despite being grown under unfavorable conditions, the crop yield was record-breaking. Maness has been authorized to say that the Board of Entomology is at Berry's service.

Gregg, Principal of the Hampton Normal and Agricultural Institute asks Berry if she has objections to making an offer to Mrs. Groff to teach agriculture at the school.

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