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In this letter, Martha Berry asks for Mr. and Mrs. Hodge to come and visit the school. She hopes they will come to see the campus in full operation. She also asks for advice about a matter of business. The Alabama Power Company requires her to lend them 156.00 dollars for interest, but she believes this request to be unreasonable.

Martha Berry writes to Audrey with advice about her plans to work and get out on her own with her baby. Martha Berry advises Audrey to stay with Mrs Williams and care for her baby.

Henderson is informed that Martha Berry is unable to sign notes for anyone. The author suggests that it will be more economical for Henderson return to Rome and live with her father.

Kirkland seeks Berry's advice on a school for her grandson, who needs a wholesome influence. She believes he has the making of a fine man, but his mother cannot control him and he "runs the streets with rough boys."



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