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Berry thanks Achelis for facilitating the visit to the school of Dr. and Mrs. Myers.

Achelis thanks Berry for the Christmas lavender sachet, which she has placed in her lingerie drawer, and sends new year's good wishes.. She will not be able to join the Pilgrims this year, but knows that her friends Mr. and Mrs. William Starr Myers will be attending.

Achelis encloses her annual contribution of two scholarships, one for a boy and one for a girl. She regrets that family commitments prevent her from attending the Berry dinner, but she will tune in to the radio broadcast and receive a report from Dr. and Mrs. Myers, who are attending.

Letter to Martha Berry from William S. Myers acknowledging that he received her letter and are including a contribution of $10.00 to help rebuild the boys dormitory. They trust that although the donation is small that it may be of service.

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