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Philip Stockton lets Martha Berry know that, through the will of the late Ellen Mason, she will be receiving a nice donation.

Martha Berry contacts the president of the Old Colony Trust Co. in regards to the will left behind by Miss Ellen Mason. She asks for the Berry Schools to be added to the list of charitable beneficiaries that will receive funds from the will.

Cunningham has followed the Berry Schools with great interest and is moved to write to express her delight and Ellen Mason's will. She shares that boxes of papers from Mason and Lawrence had been hidden away in the eaves of her home for years.

Letter to William P. Chase from Martha Berry thanking him for including the Berry Schools in his will. Martha Berry sends information about Berry's endowed system and a form of bequest that should be used in the will.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Stilson to thank her for her letter stating that she wishes to leave something behind in her will to the Berry Schools. Martha Berry wishes her a Happy Christmas and New Year.

Miss Byerly writes that she is drawing up a new will and is leaving a small amount to the Berry Schools.

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