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Martha Berry asks New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt to visit Berry the next time he comes south to visit Warm Springs, reminding him that he promised to visit "when the roads were better."

New York Governor Franklin D. Roosevelt says he must wait to come to Berry until the spring.

Governor Roosevelt informs Miss Berry than he cannot come to Commencement this year, as the Legislature's adjournment is uncertain and then he must go to Warm Springs.

Berry has just returned from a Garden Club meeting in Virginia, where she saw Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ford and Mrs. Woodrow Wilson. The Fords did not mention Berry, but have purchased land near Savannah where they may intend to start a school. Martha Berry also wants to make a trip to Warm Springs Georgia to see Governor Roosevelt.

Martha Berry invites Franklin D. Roosevelt to visit the Berry Schools. She reminds him that Colonel Theodore Roosevelt also visited, and the Roosevelt name has always meant friendship for the schools.


Franklin D. Roosevelt writes to Martha Berry to explain his regret that he cannot visit the Berry Schools because he is still on crutches, which makes it difficult for him to travel. He explains his plans for a "therapeutic" center for victims of infantile paralysis.


Hall makes arrangements to come to Berry to receive bids and let contracts for the Redmond Gap Dam.

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