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M. A. Harrington of W. E. Browne Decorating Co. writes to Miss Berry explaining that he will gladly look after her old pictures.

This is a letter to Miss Berry from the W.E. Browne Decorating Co. saying that they received her check for 500 dollars. They are also thanking her for the remittance.

In this letter W.E. Browne Decorating Company acknowledges that Martha Berry has returned a purchase of two hundred and eighty-seven dollars and thirty cents and have returned it t her account.

Mr. Harrington thanks Miss Berry for her kind favor and sends her a piece of damask and some antique nails.

Miss Berry ask Mr. Harrington for his receipt from the Express Company.

Miss Berry tells Mr. Harrington that they need 12 yards of braid to decorate the sofa and chair.

Harrington discusses fabric for covering a sofa and chair.

Martha writes that she is pleased with the fabric sent for the chair and sofa, but is having trouble finding tacks small enough. She asks that some be sent to her based on the sample she is providing.

Letter from M.A. Harrington, of W.E. Browne Decorating Company, to Berry Schools regarding fabric for dormitory curtains.

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