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In this letter R.W. Madry informs Martha Berry that she will be reciving an honorary degree during commencement.

Martha Berry asks if Dr. Koch can one of his mountain plays so the students can perform them.

In this personal letter to Hammond, Berry discusses the progress at Pilgrim Hall and her honorary doctorate from the University of North Carolina. She states that she would love to have Mr. Cutting come visit the school, and asks her for her help in persuading him. She speaks of her hopes for a gift of at least $1 million from Mr. Ford, in place of one Mr. Ochs promised.

Martha writes to Dr. Chase thanking him for his letter regarding commencement. She also thanks him for having a room at the Carolina Inn reserved and requests that tickets for two reserved seats be sent as well.

Mr. Chase, the President of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill writes Miss Berry to remind her of her standing agreement to present at the Commencement of the University of North Carolina on the 10th of June. He states that a gown will be furnished for the occasion and that she is being awarded an honorary degree through the university.

The President reports his expenses for his trip to Berry at Miss Berry's request. A note in pencil denotes a check sent on 5/27/29 by Hoge.

Martha Berry invites Dr. Chase to visit Berry during his trip to the University of North Carolina and Georgia and discusses travel arrangements.

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