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Martha Berry thanks Johm Graham for sending her a clipping and asks that he send her more so that she can know what is going on in New York. She mentions that she saw his family and that several people are coming to visit. She then mentions that she has been thinking about going to New York, but is afraid that she will get sick. She finishes the letter by thanking him and wishing him a blessed Christmas.

Davis lets Martha Berry know he cannot come to give a talk soon, but does wish to visit.

Martha Berry asks Dr. Bleyer if he might be able to speak at Berry while he visits the University of Georgia. She notes several ways that he could get to the school and notes how important a visit from him might be for the students. She explains that all of the expenses of the trip would be taken care of by The Berry Schools.

Mr. Hendrics writes that the Junior College Inspection Committee will be visiting Berry's Junior College on Thurs. April 19 and asks if that date is convenient for Mr. Green.

In this letter Martha Berry requests that Chancellor Snelling, of the University of Georgia, accept the unanimous wish of Berry's faculty and students that he give the commencement address at graduation. This is the first year that Berry gave college graduates their diplomas.

A Letter to Chancellor Snelling from Martha Berry asking help from him to get Mr. Leland Green the Principal of the Berry Schools a Degree. She also asks that he visits the Berry Schools.

Mr. Harvey lets Miss Berry know when he will be in Floyd County.

A copy of "Americans Abroad," Donald Harper's address to the University of Georgia Alumni Association.

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