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Martha Berry writes to Miss Moffett in hopes of uncovering some family history. She writes of her her Grandmother Rebecca McChesney, her Grandfather Thomas Berry, and Sarah Moffett Crawford, a name in the Berry family bible.

Martha Berry writes to Ida McCullough, introducing her to Tracy Byers. She states that Mr. Byers has been at the school writing the story of her life and would like to interview Miss McCullough to learn about Miss Berry's early life. Miss Berry asks her to give him an accurate portrayal of Miss Berry's father, Captain Thomas Berry. She also sends her sympathies concerning Miss McCullough's broken arm and expresses her hope to receive a visit from her in the early fall.

Martha Berry's brother Tom Berry encloses tax notices for property in DeKalb County, Alabama from their mother's (Mrs. Thomas Berry's) estate.


Mrs. North writes to Martha Berry because she believes her mother and Martha's father were related. She tells Martha Berry about her life and family and tells her how much she respects her work.

Letter to Martha North from Martha Berry informing her that she had her letter but that she is sorry to inform her that she cannot tell her much about her family. She tells her about her father and where he came from, Virginia, but that they didn't have a relative in the west. She thanks Miss North for being interested in her work and sends her some literature that she says that she might be interested in. Miss Berry also informs Miss North that she is returning her niece's picture.

Miss Berry has received a letter from Thomas Berry, Jr., and believes that the letter contains "many things that may be undertaken." She doesn't know what to do about it, but she has already called up Mr. Maddox for advice, and a copy of the letter has been enclosed to Miss Cora Neal. An exhibit about the schools has been sent to Macy's store.

Frances Long Harper writes that she has had no success in finding someone to help care for Martha Berry's mother other than Mary Pitts, an African American practical nurse whose price she finds too high. She reminds Berry of a promised letter about the Hearn School and Baptist Church property, which she asks Berry to write immediately and send to the Georgia Baptist Convention's Christian Index.

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