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This letter is to Miss Louise Manning Hodgkins from Miss Martha Berry. Berry apologizes for the delay in answer, attributing it to the holiday bustle. She sends Miss Hodgkins "The Sunday Lady" and "The Story of Berry Schools" for her to use to interest a woman in the work of the Schools.

In this letter S.W. McGill asks for extra copies of "The Sunday Lady".

Mrs. Harding writes to Miss Berry to request more information on the work of the Berry Schools including a copy of "The Sunday Lady" so that she can present the information fully to her chapter of the DAR (The Scranton City Chapter) in the fall.

Mrs. Scofield has to give a talk at a DAR meeting and was hoping to be sent some relevant data about Berry, a copy of the booklet "The Sunday Lady", and some pictures of Martha Berry at the school.


Reverend W. F. Skerrye sends Martha Berry a letter asking for literature so he can tell people about the "expressions of real Christianity" in the work of the Berry Schools.

Charlotte C. Barrett, treasurer of the Abiah Folger Franklin chapter of the DAR, writes to enclose the group's contribution of $10.


John Storer writes to say that he enjoyed reading "The Sunday Lady" by Raymond Leslie Goldman and that he takes pleasure in being able to donate $5 as aid for all of the good work done at the Berry Schools.

John S. McCormick answers the Sunday Lady Appeal with $100.

Miss Berry is interested in raising $10,000 to then receive a gift of $5,000 for a gymnasium. Miss Berry is writing Mrs. Hills in hopes that she, herself, or others, can help make this happen.

The Berry School writes to Mr. Martin with the dummy of the booklet The Sunday Lady, that Martha does not like the picture shown on the cover page.

Letter to Miss Bonner about the arrangement of "The Sunday Lady" booklet. The letter accompanied a dummy example of the booklet for Miss Bonner to review and return with any changes.

Proof, with corrections and printing instructions, of a 20 page booklet for Shrine Magazine, The Sunday Lady by Raymond Leslie Goldman.

Goldman explains that he turned over the photographs Berry gave him to the Shrine Magazine and provides instructions for sending them a photograph of her father. Goldman has been out of touch and does not know if his agents have yet arranged for the publication of "The Sunday Lady."

Letter from Martha Berry to Miss Brown of The Shrine Magazine requesting three copies of each issue of the magazine which contain the story of "The Sunday Lady" because they are no longer available from the news stands and they are needed for the files.

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