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The Berry Schools write to Miss Walker thanking her for the radio that they received. They say that since the Possum Trot school is closed, the radio would be a better fit with the boys at the Foundation School and that they will install it where best on the campus.

Martha Berry writes H. G. Hamrick, whom she fondly refers to as Grady, to say that she has told a Mr. Swafford that, on the first of January, his salary will begin at $50. She asks Hamrick to ensure that Mr. Swafford has a "steady boy" with him everyday.

Letter to Mrs. George H. Smiley from Martha Berry informing Mrs. Smiley that The Foundation School has suffered a devastating fire that burned a dormitory that housed 75 boys. Miss Berry states that she has to work hard to raise the money to rebuild the dormitory during that summer in order to have housing for the 75 homeless boys. She asks Mrs. Smiley is she might come to Minnewaska in order to work and raise money. She says Mrs. Smiley has always been good about letting her come.

Miss Berry sends a letter to help raise funds for a new boys dormitory.

Martha Berry describes this year's commencement as entirely too long, and she provides instruction for next year's commencement.

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