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A telegram requesting a Berry film for the week of January 22nd to be presented at the Embassy Theatre.


"The Berry Schools" are alerting Mr. K. Garlough that there is an on-campus discount price for the only book-form biography of Martha Berry (at the time), so that students need only pay $3.00, instead of $3.50. "The Berry Schools" then briefly catalogue the non-book-form media through which Martha Berry's work has been kept track of.

A letter verifying the specifics of the two luncheon sets that Mrs. Horbruck ordered from the student enterprises. She requests a return letter with the specifics of her order in order to completely satisfy her hopes for the order.

Zell Ryan tells Martha Berry that the Home Economics Club is sending $15 to contribute to the Possum Trot School and the welfare fund. She tells Martha Berry that they have also given $15 to Miss Alston for supplies for girls who do not have funds and contributed $27.90 for magazine subscriptions for the girls school library. She thanks Martha Berry for the opportunity to be a part of the Berry Schools. She hopes that the club will grow to be a "living expression" of their devotion to Martha Berry.

Mrs. John C. Aisenbrey's Civics Class donated money to the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund. The Berry Schools sends their thanks.

A record of Mr. J Painter donating $150 within the months of July and August.

Donations totaling $3.00 were submitted by Mrs. John Henry Hammond on behalf of Miss Ethel M. Green and Mrs. Bessie MacLuman.

Mr. Hamrick informs Martha Berry that Tolbert does not have enough cotton to pay rent, but he will pay $5 per week until his rent is paid.

Margaret Glover asks Martha Berry for information about the beginning of the Berry Schools.

Letter to The Berry Schools from M.D. Walker, cashier for the Union Bank and Federal Trust Company, confirming for Miss Berry that the address for Miss Roberta Wellford is Charlottesville, Va.

John G. Lowe donates $100.00 to The Berry Schools.

Mrs. William Lloyd encloses a check for $150 towards the current expenses of The Berry Schools. On the back are intimate stories of students who would benefit from these funds.

Archibald R. Livingston encloses a check for $150 towards the current expenses of The Berry Schools. On the back are two intimate stories about students at Berry who are in need of these donations.

Archibald R. Livingston encloses a check for $150.00 as scholarship money to be applied to The Berry Schools.

A Letter to Mr. Trawick from Martha Berry inviting him to come visit the Berry School and have a luncheon with her. She also asks him to invite Mr. Henry B. Thompson to come.

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