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A letter to Miss Martha Berry giving the school a $200 check for a Thanksgiving donation. Holt goes on to say how thankful he is for not only the school, but so much for Martha Berry herself.

Ms. Hoge says that she has many things to be thankful for, but one thing is Martha Berry. She thanks her for being a wonderful friend and hopes that she has a wonderful Thanksgiving. She says that Ms. Berry looks very well and young, and expresses her thanks again.

Evelyn Hoge thanks Martha Berry for allowing her and Paul to visit the Berry Schools. She goes on to express her happiness in being still considered one of her girls. She also talks about her husband's great appreciation for finally meeting Martha Berry, and how so many people envy this opportunity.

Masina Hicks writes that one thing she was most thankful for was the chance to go to Berry. She then thanks Martha Berry for making it possible for her sister to stay at Berry in the fall. She ends the letter by expressing her hope that Martha Berry is in good health and wishes God's blessings on her.

Martha Berry thanks Miss Hickok for her gift to the Berry Schools and expresses her wish that Miss Hickok could see the children that she is helping. She then describes a particular letter she received that touched her heart. Martha Berry then thanks Miss Hickok for helping to keep open the Gate of Opportunity and expresses her hope that she will one day be able to help every child who wishes to attend the school. She ends the letter by wishing Miss Hickok a happy Thanksgiving.

Telegram is from Martha Berry to unknown person expressing thanks. Handwritten name of Hanson.

Beyond thanking Miss Berry for her hospitality and gifts, the author lets her know of a man who might be interested in giving a talk at the college, as well as the means and times when she might be able to hear a radio broadcast concerning the BBC. The author also tells of his parents' having once visited the campus years before.

Clippert sends Thanksgiving wishes and regrets that hard times and poverty in her own city prevent her from sending a larger contribution.

Miss Berry writes Mr. Skinner about the quails that were killed on Thanksgiving and asks that he sets up warnings and have some one appointed to check the grounds so that will not happen on Christmas.

Letter to Martha Berry from C.E. Mason showing her excitement at Miss Berry's availability to attend her school's Thanksgiving banquet, even asking her to stay the night.

As Emily Vanderbilt Hammond indicated how Martha Berry would visit Miss Mason’s School, Mason invites Berry to a Thanksgiving banquet and reception at The Castle.

Letter to Mr. H.G. Hamrick from Martha Berry concerning the quails that were killed on Thanksgiving Day. Miss Berry informs Mr. Hamrick that over fifty quails were killed on the campus that day and she wants him to make sure that he puts someone on the job of going around campus on Christmas Day to make sure no quails are killed.

Miss Fotheringham sends a $5 Thanksgiving offering to the Berry Schools.

Irene Hedges asks Miss Berry to write a letter so she can read it to her friends at their Thanksgiving meeting.

In this letter to Miss Berry, Helen Forthingham gives a five dollar donation as a thanksgiving offering, and asks to learn more about the investment or annuity plan she saw in the magazine.

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