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Martha Berry expresses her gratitude for Mr. Holt's tremendous monetary contribution to the Possum Trot children in a time of great need. She includes the thanks of the children and a description of their Christmas celebration.

Caroline B. Hoge wrote to Martha to tell her that she is doing well after an injury and that she wants to send both her daughters to school. Thanking Martha Berry for all that she has done for her.


Ms. Hoge says that she has many things to be thankful for, but one thing is Martha Berry. She thanks her for being a wonderful friend and hopes that she has a wonderful Thanksgiving. She says that Ms. Berry looks very well and young, and expresses her thanks again.

A letter from a former student praising Berry and the education he received there as well as the joys and rewards of the teaching profession. He especially counts the problem solving skills he learned.

Berry accepts an offer of young long leaf pine trees from Hawkins.

Berry writes a note of thanks for the pine needle tray from Miss Dye, noting that the tray has been placed in Sunshine Cottage at the Girls' School.

A thankful letter was written to Mrs. Merrick for the gift sent to the Berry Schools. The children in the school are working harder than ever before and Berry states that she wants to give them their chance in life.

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