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Martha Berry writes to Mr. Ragsdale to express her sympathy for the family of Dr. Tomlinson, who was always so nice to her when she went to Tate. She also thanks him for sending the water.

Letter asks Mrs. Underwood to sell her cottage at Tate Springs to Martha Berry.

Miss Martha wishes to have Miss Cora Neal come visit her at Tate Springs, and she also asks for Miss Neal to send her more Pictorial Review blanks. Berry also mentions the forthcoming wedding in Europe between Marion Berry and Prince Heli [Chigi]; however, Berry writes that although she was asked to give a wedding gift of $10,000, she was not invited to the wedding.

Letter sending receipt for empty carboy, requesting credit memo for same, and requesting one carboy of Tate water be sent by return express.

The General Manager of Tate Springs Development confirms having Martha's letter from December 16. They are at once shipping her one demijohn of water.

This is a letter to Tate Springs Development from Martha Berry asking for a carboy of Tate Water.

Letter to Dr. Thomoson from Martha Berry informing him that she is sending an empty carboy so that he can fill it up with Tate Water because her mother, Frances Rhea Berry, is very feeble and thinks a great deal of Tate Water. Miss Berry informs him that she is glad that he sold Tate but that it will be hard for her to get used to New Tate as she was so fond of Old Tate.

Miss Berry requests 1 Carboy of Tate Water by express. Also she requests a statement of account.

Miss Berry writes that she asked for a carboy of water to be sent to her on December 9th but she still hasn't received it. She asks the company to bring their attention to the matter.

The General Manager states that only one of the three carboy bottles being returned to Tate Springs has been received, therefore the statement that Martha Berry had written about is correct and should be paid.

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