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Martha Berry writes a letter to Mrs. Strauss about visiting while she is in town. She also says that the Berry School representatives at the Sunshine Exhibit in Augusta told her about seeing Mrs. Strauss.

This is an order form for a purple scarf for Mrs. D. A. Hengst.

Miss Berry writes to Mrs. Hammond about the trip to Boston, during which Miss Berry did not raise much money but still feels like it was a profitable trip because she was able to interest old friends in the work of the Schools again. She was able to sell some Sunshine goods and asks Mrs. Hammond to invite Miss Dexter and Mrs. William McKee on the next Pilgrim trip. Miss Berry also mentions meeting the president of Boston Tech. who promised to visit Berry when he comes south.

List of Sunshine sales to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond. Includes baby blanket, towels, baskets, a fan, bags, scarves, a rug and stool mats.

The Berry Schools enclose a receipt for the order of some Sunshine articles and thanks Mrs. Brixey for the order.

Mrs. Brixey ordered 2 cabin towels and 1 blue blanket which were sent on May 29, 1930.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Brewster for her purchase of the Sunshine scarves. She tells her that she is glad that Mrs. Brewster was able to see the pictures at the meeting even though Miss Berry wasn't there and invites her to visit the Schools.

K. Louise Shepherd writes to request literature about the Berry Schools to pass on to her interested friends.

Reports result of Sunshine exhibit held in Augusta and Camden, SC and a couple of new potential benefactors. Mr M Mark watched the Berry moving picture and suggests that Berry have a big company from Atlanta make a movie with sound at Berry. Aseparate page lists the Sunshine sale buyers and the new and potential benefactors they met at the event.

Letter to Mrs. R. F. Clinch from The Berry Schools informing her that enclosed is the receipt for her order from Sunshine. They also add that they hope she enjoys the products she ordered. They also thank her for her interest.

A report, possibly by Inez Wooten Henry, of a fundraising visit to the Lake Mohonk summer resort area near New Paltz, New York. The report includes information about conversations with donors and potential donors, as well as a section titled "Criticisms of Sunshine Goods," which provides comments about handicraft items available for sale. The report mentions particular fundraising activities on Berry's behalf, including a "Negro Minstrel" and a "Negro Dialect" program offered by Tifton native Katherine Tift Jones.

Mrs. Nash sends $2 to purchase a rug from the Berry Schools. She also asks for a sample of Miss Berry's work to be sent to her for her studio. In a subsequent letter, Martha Berry sends a receipt for the rug and encloses the article to be sent to Mrs. Nash.

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