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In response to an order for a scarff, letter explains that there is also a white scarff available. It talks about the the program and that a catalog is being produced showing products being made at Sunshine Cottage.

In this letter the Berry Schools asks Mrs. Caldwell if she is still interested in the luncheon set that was in the Sunshine Cottage.

The Berry Schools send receipts for the articles bought.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Judd thanking her for the books and material samples which they have placed in Sunshine Cottage at the Girls' School.

Martha Berry asks Miss Forrest to arrange a meeting of the Hartford DAR where Inez Wooten can speak and present an exhibit from the Sunshine Cottage. Martha Berry thanks Miss Forrest for the gifts she sent at Christmas and explains that the students only had Christmas Day as a holiday


Martha writes to Mrs. Elmhirst asking for help to enlarge the weaving department for the Sunshine cottage girls.

Someone from The Berry Schools writes to Mrs. Chambers and lets her know that the woven spread was passed on to the lady in charge of Sunshine Cottage who is trying to match the thread.

Mrs. Barnes encloses a check for items received from Berry and places an order for additional items, saying that her cabin towel hasn't arrived yet but she would like to order another just like that one.

Miss Berry writes to Miss Mason asking about if it would be possible for a Berry Grad to meet with Miss Mason. She also worries that Berry's Boston friends would forget about the school since it has been so long.

Martha Berry updates Ladd on furnishings for Lemley Hall and what she hopes will happen in the future.

Mina Colburn Hilles writes of her recent visit to Berry and regret at having not seen Martha Berry. Hilles wishes to interest her husband in becoming a benefactor to the school and discusses her interest in the health of young people. Hilles describes her own "nature diet" and suggests that a mill to prepare grains grown at the school might be a possibility. She invites Martha Berry to visit for any length of time, and to meet their adopted daughter Betty and two other girls they are educating.

Berry writes to Hamrick about preparing a special order of feathers.

Marion Dhein writes to Martha Berry to thank her for sending a baby blanket to her newborn daughter, Shirley. She reflects on the year she spent on campus and on her time at Sunshine Cottage.

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