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Mrs. Summers heard that Miss Berry could use Sunday school papers, and wants to know more about Miss Berry's need as the local children have been saving their used papers for some time

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Etzel for her gift to the schools.

A thank you letter from The Berry Schools regarding the donation of Sunday School Papers from Mrs. S. A. Mossman.

Mrs. Mosman writes in response to a request from Berry for Sunday School papers. She can send a few from each week if they would be useful.

Miss Hartong writes about her second grade class, how they heard about Berry, and how they would like to help by sending their papers.

Letter written to thank Mrs. Graham for sending Sunday School papers.

Letter offers to send what is most needed at Thanksgiving or Christmas and asks if Sunday school papers are still needed.

Florence Andrews is writing to tell Miss Martha Berry that her students would like to send her booklets they have made and to ask if she would like to receive any.

Ella C. L. Pritchett donates $25 and promises to send package of Sunday School papers.

Opal writes Miss Berry for information about how students' activities and religious studies contribute to their leadership ability because she is making a study for a school essay she is writing.

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