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In this letter Lulu Houser sends Martha Berry the names and addresses of some people who she thinks would be good contributors to the Berry Schools.

Mrs. C. P. DeLaittre's Minneapolis address had been misplace and the Berry Schools were asking for it, as to send her copies of the Southern Highlander at her request.

Dr. Eusterman writes to Martha Berry, saying how he enjoyed the article about Berry in the "Southern Highlander" and also wishes her good health.

Hope sends her annual check and expresses her admiration for Martha Berry and the schools.

Mrs. Strawbridge talks about her experience reading the Southern Highlander and how it touched her heart. She is thankful that she can be counted among the number of friends of the Berry Schools.

Mrs. Stafford thanks Martha Berry for the Southern Highlander she received and sends a $10.00 donation to the Berry Schools in return.

Frances writes to the Berry Schools with a $25 donation after reading about the Berry Schools in Southern Highlander.

In this letter Martha Berry explains her convictions on donation policies, in hopes that Miriam Little Simons will adjust her method of donation accordingly.

Mrs. N. J. Reynolds informed Martha Berry of the impact an issue of the Southern Highlander had on her and send The Berry Schools $25 dollars.

Miss Reed sends a $1 check for the fund that pays for boys and girls with no money to attend school. She enjoys reading The Southern Highlander and passes her copy along to her boss.

This letter is written to Martha Berry from M. W. Pitner about a boy that Pitner wants to send to the Berry Schools. According to Pitner, the tuition at Berry at this time was 150 dollars.

This is an add from the Southern Highlander filled out to endow a quarter of a day by WM H Parsons.

Selma Olinder is requesting literature about the Berry Schools
including the Schools Bulletin, Mount Berry News, Alumni Quarterly
and The Southern Highlander.

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