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The Ruralist Press offers to donate some equipment to the Berry Schools.

In this letter Roy B. Stewart of the Ruralist Press acknowledges that he has received Miss Bonner's letter that deals with the box of cuts that has not been delivered to Berry College yet. Roy B. Stewart says that American Railway is responsible, and that he will send another box if they have lost it.

Martha Berry writes to Roy B. Stewart about the donation of printing supplies. She also thanks the Ruralist Press for their good service in publishing the Southern Highlander and asks for the cuts used in the last Highlander.

Mr. Stewart writes about edits and needed material for the next Southern Highlander which is about ready to go to print.

Mr. Martin writes to Besse Bonner to inform her they have checked the engravings from the last Highlander and that those cuts that were made were returned as well as the left overs.

R. B. Stewart, from the Sales Department of the Ruralist Press, asks Miss Bonner to phone them if the editorial copy they are sending is satisfactory. If not, they must mail the changes by special delivery.

In this letter Chester Martin is sending Bessie Bonner a leaflet about the Berry Schools and informs her it may contain some mistakes, which she should correct. He also informs her of the status of the engraving and the "Highlander" copy and photographs.

In this letter C.E. Martin of the Ruralist Press INC asks Miss Bonner for a log cabin fold out to print.

Ruralist Press Inc wrote a letter to Martha Berry informing her they were sorry to hear of the fire that occured; and they hoped she would have a generous response to the appeal of a new dormitory.

The Berry School writes to Mr. Martin with the dummy of the booklet The Sunday Lady, that Martha does not like the picture shown on the cover page.

Letter disputes charges related to preparations for printing The Southern Highlander.

Letter to Bessie Bonner from Chester E. Martin, of Ruralist Press Inc., informing her that they are mailing a "dummy" copy of the Highlander for her approval. They inform her that it is short of material and that the headings for the article will all be reset and displayed properly. They also inform Miss Bonner that they will need a few fillers for the issue.

Letter to Miss Bonner about the arrangement of "The Sunday Lady" booklet. The letter accompanied a dummy example of the booklet for Miss Bonner to review and return with any changes.

Martha writes to Mr. Martin with two leaflets and pictures to be made so they will fit in the school's envelopes.

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