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Martha Berry writes to Meacham in order to thank him for creating a scholarship in honor of his son. The scholarship will help a deserving boy at the school and will be a living memorial to Robert Meacham.

Meacham writes to Berry to establish a $1,500 scholarship in honor of his son, Robert Douglas Meacham, who died in December 1917.

Martha Berry expresses her condolences on the death of the Meachams' son and her thanks for the clothing they sent to the school. She shares a story of a boy who benefitted from their donation.

Mrs. Meacham experienced much loss in the past year. She is sending twenty-five dollars to the Berry School and will think about establishing a scholarship in honor of her son who recently passed away.


Meacham is donating used clothing to the Berry School for the boys to wear. His son, Robert, served in the War but died from appendicitis after he returned home--the clothing was his. Meacham's wife remembered a previously sent request for clothing, so they are sending Robert's clothing.


Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Meacham for sending twenty-five dollars to the school for one of the boys who received clothing she donated. Martha Berry also expresses interest in having the Meachams establish an endowment to the school in honor of their son.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Meacham for sending the picture of his son, Robert, to the school. She plans to hang it in a place where the boys at the school will see it and come to know who the person in the picture is.

Meacham writes to Berry because he is sending her a photograph of his son, Robert to go along with the scholarship recently set up in his honor.

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