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Telegram to Martha Berry from Robert C. Alston informing her that Dr. GcGill is in Selma, Alabama and that she can communicate with him at that address.

This letter is detailing a need for a financial report of the money raised from the school and Miss Berry is acknowledging that there have been multiple requests to see the amount of money made from raising money for the Berry Schools.

Martha Berry writes to Mr. Alston asking for another copy of a letter Mr. Ochs sent her about the discontinuance of the endowment fund campaign as she has misplaced her own copies. She also informs him that the installations in the dining hall and kitchen will be delayed due to changes the man Mr. Ford sent wants to make.

Robert Alston writes Martha Berry that he will see to adding J.B. Campbell to the Investment Committee and is glad that Dr. Knight is going to be the commencement speaker.

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