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Martha Berry writes to Clifton asking if there is anything left of Rooney to be buried because she wants to bury him underneath a big tree on a hill near the barn. She says that she wants to bury him and doesn't know how anyone thought to stuff him. She wants Clifton to bury him and let her know what he can do.

Madeline McCue, one of Kate May Ladd's nurses, writes to Miss Berry, thanking her for sending her the paper cutter for Christmas. She also tells Miss Berry that Mrs. Ladd was able to sit in her chair for the first time in 8 years and had a wonderful Christmas with Mr. Ladd. She also expresses her sympathy that Roanie died, and explained that she read about it in one of the Georgia newspapers.

Miss Vaughn, one of Kate Macy Ladd's assistants, writes in thanks for the delicious Christmas candy. She is sorry to learn of Roanie's death, but happy to hear that he will still be with Berry "in a little different form."

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Callaway, apologizing for sending what may have been a curt note rather than the brief one she intended to send in reply to her inquiry about Old Roanie. She explains that her family may have bought a horse from Mr. Cantrell at about "that time," but that her brother is sure that no one besides her family owned Roanie. Miss Berry explains that she was not offended at all by Mrs. Callaway's natural inquiry. Miss Berry concludes the letter with her wishes for Mrs. Callaway to have a good Christmas and New Year.

Mrs. Callaway writes to Miss Berry upon news of Roanie's death, believing the 'Sunday pony' may have been older than originally thought.

Mrs. H. S. Callaway thanks Martha Berry for the information on "Old Roany," but says she does not know anyone that called in regard to the horse.


Berry inquires about the status of an article about Roanie that was to have been forwarded to the Associated Press in Atlanta via the Rome Tribune.

Ruth Cummock expresses her love for the Berry Schools because of her recent trip, where she met and talked with Martha Berry. She also discusses her spreading of information about Berry to her friends so that they may also help the Schools.

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