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In this personal letter to Hammond, Berry discusses the progress at Pilgrim Hall and her honorary doctorate from the University of North Carolina. She states that she would love to have Mr. Cutting come visit the school, and asks her for her help in persuading him. She speaks of her hopes for a gift of at least $1 million from Mr. Ford, in place of one Mr. Ochs promised.

Berry wishes that Sloane would visit, and suggests that he speak with R. Fulton Cutting, who visited recently. She regrets that she has had to cancel speaking engagements because of bronchitis.

A letter from R. Fulton Cutting to Martha Berry informing her that Mr. Everett Colby from Paris cannot serve as a Trustee of the Berry School.

Inez asks "Miss Bessie" to send a list of names Mr. Cutting recommended for Berry Trustees. Bonner writes that Berry is "pretty well and has been lovely all the time." She describes a dinner event, her health, and the weather. On Hotel Gotham stationery.

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