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Martha Berry writes to Dr. Myers in regard to her nephew, Alex Bonnyman, who failed several of his classes at Princeton. She says that his father wants him to be an engineer, but that's not what's best for him. She says that she's written to Dr. Hibben to ask him to give Alex a second chance. She asks for Dr. Myers' advice and encloses the copy of the letter written to Dean Misenhart.

In this letter Erwin A. Holt updates Martha Berry briefly on his personal life and confirms that he and his wife will be present when Martha Berry receives her degree at Chapel Hill.

Letter to Mrs. Howard C. Warren from Martha Berry concerning a rug that Mrs. Warren bought while at one of Miss Berry's exhibits at Princeton. Miss Berry offers to have the smaller version of the same rug made by the girls but also concedes that it will take some time to reach her because they are training the new girls to weave.

William Starr Myers informs Berry that he has referred her question to Rev. Dr. Charles R. Erdman, who he hopes has been in touch with her. He encloses a copy of a book on Japan written by one of his students, and provides news of visitors and family.

Mrs. Hall writes to Martha informing her of the check for 200 dollars for the Berry school. She also informs her about how she follows the Berry Schools with much interest and tells her friends about it by showing them the news in the paper. She also talks about her two sons. One is a minister at Christ's Church in New York and the other is teaching for two years at Robert College Constantinople.

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