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Mr. Starr writes to Miss Berry to suggest she bring her case to ex-President Coolidge and ex Governor Smith. He also says that he is writing to the Banker's Trust Co. "urging your claims" so that Miss Berry doesn't have to work so hard.

Undated & unsigned letter about a $5,000.00 prize given to Miss. Berry by The Pictorial Review Magazine for 1927. Also lists all men & women Judges of International rewards within their respective fields. Also within the past five years, the Nation has conferred upon Miss. Berry two (2) outstanding honors.

Martha Berry tells Mr. Robinson of the events surrounding her receiving the Roosevelt Memorial Medal from President Coolidge. Miss berry also mentions the daily lives of the boys and girls that attend the Berry Schools and asks Mr. Robinson for some type of monetary assistance to keep the children in school.

Mr. Brown writes to ask Miss Berry if she will speak at the National Farm Conference at the session devoted to women in agriculture.

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