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In this letter Martha Berry asks Mr. Hamrick to mention the needs of the schools at all meetings of students and faculty from now on. She tells him that the back yards at Possum Trot were nasty and asks him to teach the students how to clean them. She also asks him to arrange the wood around Pilgrim Hall.

Martha Berry writes to G. Leland Green, concerned about the Possum Trot School, and gives him instructions on how she thinks things can be made better though more singing and art classes. She also expresses concern about how she thinks the students of all the schools need to feel more part of Berry.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Enck for her help with things for the children at Possum Trot. She says it will bring much cheer during the Christmas season. She also wishes that Mrs. Enck could see the Christmas tree with her.

Martha Berry expresses her gratitude for Mr. Holt's tremendous monetary contribution to the Possum Trot children in a time of great need. She includes the thanks of the children and a description of their Christmas celebration.

Erwin A. Holt sends a donation check of $600 for a Thanksgiving offering, discussing his last visit to Berry.

In this letter, Martha Berry says that the paved road needs to be widened and that the school needs to make arrangements about the produce from the Possum Trot farmers. Although she had hired some assistants, Martha Berry often wrote her own business letters like this one.

A gift blank to the Berry Schools for $50 and $200 for replacing the Worthy Champion's House and building a house for a resident nurse and farm supervisor at Possum Trot

A letter thanking Mrs. Gray for her donation to help build a house for a nurse and farm supervisor at Possum Trot.

Martha Berry thanks Reverend Greene for his donation of clothing for the children to purchase at low costs.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Dall for the clothing she sent and lets her know how important it is that she gets these clothes.

Miss Berry thanks Mrs. Congdon for sending the package and describes the clothing needs of the country store and the area's people.

Martha Berry writes Mrs. Ladd to let her know just how wonderful her visit was with Misses Vaughn and Firlotte and to thank her for sending them to Berry. She reminds Ladd of a visit she and Alice Lemley made.

Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for how she and her secretary operate their business system. She tells Mrs. Hammond about the wonderful Christmas Tree they had at Possum Trot. She also tells her about the letters she has received from people who think Berry has raised over two million dollars and that she is going to correct these people in the next Highlander.

Melodramatic description of the little children opening gifts from a Christmas box sent by the Liggett School.

Letter to Mrs. R. Fulton Cutting from Martha Berry thanking him for the gift of $500.00. She informs him that she passed the check around to everyone and had them admire it. She also informs him how much his visit meant to her as well as the girls at the schools as well as how much the girls enjoyed having him at the schools and an honor for him to have dinner with them. She also sends her hopes that his journey has not made him ill. She confesses that her conscious has been troubling her for taking him to Possum Trot over the mountain road that grows ever dimmer.

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