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Helen R. Gill writes to Martha Berry, enclosing a check from the World Wide Guild of the Fifth Baptist Church (of Philadelphia) for an amount of five dollars. Gill goes on to inquire--as did one of the ladies of the church one month prior--if Martha Berry would like for a circle of the church to assume the responsibility of clothing one of Berry's "girl students." She asks after the specific measurements of a girl so that members of the circle can begin work on constructing the clothing as soon as possible.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Robert Sturgis regarding scheduling a dinner meeting in Philadelphia.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Robert Sturgis requesting a Philadelphia telephone directory?

Martha Berry asks Drexel Institute President Kenneth G. Matheson to provide her with a list of potential donors from the Philadelphia area and invites him to visit Berry.

In this letter to Mrs. Sturgis, Miss Berry lets her know that she will be leaving for New York on November 23rd. She requests that Mrs. Sturgis wire her what time she has engagements on the next Monday.

Mr. Stone tells Miss Berry that he can leave Friday morning if that is fine with her.

Writes a letter to Martha Berry explaining how he has been working to complete his $1000 pledge to the Berry Schools. He also tells her than he thinks of himself as a Philadelphian, despite having lived in Georgia half his life. He mentions being sorry that Berry has been too ill to visit him and his wife in Cedartown.

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