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Penney writes that he was glad to hear from Miss Berry's letter that his foundation's $150 gift came at a time when it was really needed. He writes that he and Mrs. Penney will not be in Florida when Miss Berry visits his farm that winter, but that he will have Dr. Walter Morton host her at Penney Farms.

Hilton writes to Berry to inform her that her letter has been received in Penney's absence. Hilton says that Penney is only attending fairs in the mid-western states. Berry is assured of Penney's interest in the Schools but Hilton does not know of any trips to Atlanta in Penney's near future. Hilton invites Berry to visit Penney Farms whenever she likes and promises to let her know when Penney will be present there to give her a tour.

The Berry Schools write to Mr. Penny to let him know that the letter he wrote will be brought to the attention of Martha when she returns.

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