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A list of donors of $1,000 or more who have not contributed during 1927. Names include Mr. and Mrs. Julius Rosenwald, with the note "refused to give any more," and George Eastman, who gave $10,000 in 1926.

S. W. McGill writes to ask Miss Berry if the $1,000, 000 drive sponsored by Mr. Ochs was ever completed and if she wanted to press the matter if it had not. McGill just made a connection that will enable him to help the South more than ever.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Woodruff for the donation towards the endowment fund.

McGill expresses disappointment that the Ochs campaign for The Berry School has fallen through even though there was a good start. Mr. McGill wants to visit Atlanta. Mr. McGill is from the Presbyterian Educational Movement in Mississippi.

Martha writes to Dr. McGill regarding his trip to Atlanta. She hopes to have him visit Berry and mentions the falling through of the Ochs Campaign.

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