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Emily V. Hammond says she has asked Mr. Starr to go on the pilgrimage, but she does not think he will accept. She also sends a list of those attending and requests that Mrs. Pennybacker be placed in a cottage close to hers.

Mr. Ochs encloses a letter from John D. Rokefeller Jr. who writes that in the judgement of the General Education Board Berry is outside of its field. He states that he does not fund education except through the Board.

Mr. Ochs encloses a letter and donation from Jeremiah Milbank and asks for a copy.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs. Hammond for a recent contribution. Martha Berry is worried that the school has gotten some negative publicity lately for having well-known donors and other donors have started sending their money elsewhere. Berry also mentions that her mother and her "old black Mammy" aren't very well, so she tries to stay close to the schools.


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