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Miss Berry thanks Mr. Sloane for sending the magazine section of the NY Times to Berry and hopes that he will pay them a visit whenever he comes down south.

La Verne thanks Berry for the gourd for her play and suggests a surgeon who is "a perfect wizard" at removing scars that Berry's sister may have gotten in her car accident. She promises to speak to her friends about the Berry Schools.


This is a letter from Martha Berry to a Mrs. John Henry Hammond inquiring about Lucille LaVerne. Martha mentions that LaVerne says that she is going to raise "a million dollars" for The Berry Schools, but that she knows nothing about her.


Harry J. Carlson encloses a copy of a recent New York Times article about the announcement that actress Lucille LaVerne seeks to raise a million dollars for the Berry Schools.

The Berry Schools secretary writes to Mr. Ochs with a receipt for the $6000 he sent. She mentions that Martha Berry will write him upon her return from Florida.

Gillian Keller Lang, secretary to Adolph S. Ochs, publisher of the New York Times, writes Martha Berry to acknowledge the receipt of her letter in Mr. Ochs' absence.

McKee requests a photograph of the Berry School for the Yale University Press volume on education in the Pageant of America. He is most interested in a photo of the Gate of Opportunity that appeared in The New York Times.

This letter is thanking Mrs. Hall for her package of New York Times. It is also inviting Mrs. Hall to visit Berry whenever in the area.

Amy Welcher says she heard of the fire at the Berry Schools in an old copy of the New York Times and would like to send a $40.00 to help.

Theodore D. Palmer initiates an endowed scholarship funded by himself, his sister Mrs. Charles E. Taylor, and his brother Mr. Dean Palmer.

Berry writes about the need to replace the burned dormitory at the Foundation School and a possible article in the New York papers.

Berry is asked to bring materials for Ivy Lee with her to New York.

The secretary to George F. Baker advises Ochs that Baker is out of town.

Kate L. Stone, secretary to Adolph S. Ochs, advises that Berry's letter was received and it will be brought Ochs' attention when he returns the following week.

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