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A letter informing Mrs. Hammond of Miss Berry's intent of making a trip to New York for the medal of the National Institute of Social Sciences meeting. She then goes on to describe her excitement in seeing Mrs. Hammond and her entire group of Pilgrims on April 18th. She apologizes for not being able to suggest friends who might make the journey with Mrs. Hammond and the pilgrims. She concludes by sending her love along with the boys and girls.


A list that gives a brief description of each of the New York Pilgrims. The information came from Mrs. Hammond's letter to Martha Berry.

A clipping from the New York Times of an article about Mrs. John Henry Hammond's 3rd group of Pilgrims to journey from New York to visit the Berry Schools.

Rachel McClenahan thanks Martha Berry for the gift of four towels made at the Berry schools and expresses her desire to visit during her motor trip through the South.

Martha Berry asks for a copy of Dr. Norwood's speech about the Berry School and thanks Hammond for the party she brought this year.

Mrs. Hammond sends Martha Berry a list of the year's pilgrims as well as where they will be staying and their travel arrangements.

Emily Hammond sends Martha Berry a letter about a $2,500 donation made by her uncle, Henry T. Sloane. Mrs. Hammond also discusses a $10 check written by Mrs. Sturgis and a check from Mrs. Cosgrove that will be sent to Martha Berry. Lastly, Mrs. Hammond tells Martha Berry that 20 people are interested in the Pilgrimage on April 15th and that she will do her best to accompany them.

Reply to Martha Berry's "Christian remembrance" thanking her for remembering a pilgrim. Mentions she will see Martha Berry in April. Sends wishes to Mr. Greene and every Berry boy and girl for the new year.

A list of New York Pilgrim Visitors, their room assignments on campus, and their home addresses.

In this document, Martha Berry sends her thanks to Mrs. Ripley Hitchcock for the Silver Roll that Hitchcock sent. Miss Berry continues by talking about the New York Pilgrims and how much they mean to Miss Berry and the students.

Martha Berry thanks Mr. Hammond for his $150 scholarship gift for the girl who wrote the article "A Day in the Mountains with Miss Berry" for the Southern Highlander, but informs him that she works in Miss Berry's office so she'd like to give it to some girl or boy with his permission. She discusses the Hammond's upcoming visit to Berry with the New York Pilgrims.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs Tracy for her gift to the Silver Roll, and for the work of The New York Pilgrims. She fondly remembers Mrs Tracy 's visit to Berry with the pilgrims that year

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