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Martha informed Mr. Howden that she can't accept a little boy from New York City to be educated at Berry because he is outside the borders of the 11 southern states that Berry serves.

A letter to Mrs. Holt addressing Martha Berry's thanks for all of Mrs. Holt's help in supporting The Berry Schools, and the great need that the school has for friends like Mrs. Holt. She goes on to describe the great needs for Berry Schools in order to keep the scholarship students funded. She also includes her plans for a trip to New York to try to raise more funds within the next couple of days.

A thank you letter to Mrs. Hitchcock for informing Martha Berry on a medal the school received.

A letter informing Miss Gabbi of how much Martha Berry enjoyed her previous visit in the Spring and an update on how her eye is doing after surgery at the Presbyterian Hospital in New York.

Berry is anxious to hear from Campbell and asks her to telephone Mrs. Hammond to learn about the dinner. Berry wants to go to New York before the dinner to get a dress and hat, and wants Campbell to join her at the St. Regis Hotel.

Martha Berry apologizes for missing Mrs. McNally's call in New York and expresses the pleasure she found in meeting her.

Martha Berry writes that she enjoyed meeting Mrs. Gates in Paris, and would like to meet and talk with her in New York in November.

In this letter J.E. Bierwirth tells Martha Berry that they need to discuss the business in person in New York.

This is a receipt to George Howells of 11 Broadway New York City for $150.

Letter to Emily Vanderbilt Hammond from Martha Berry informing her that she is coming to New York and will be staying at the Gotham Hotel. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that she convinced them not to have a dinner but that they insisted they must have a luncheon. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that the film of the Pilgrim Party are too small to fit Berry's moving picture machine and asks her if there is anything that can be done when she gets to New York. She also informs Mrs. Hammond that she looks forward to seeing her.

A letter from Martha Berry to Mary Gould expressing her joy of being able to see her in New York. She also expresses her grievances for the passing of Mrs. Marquand and also requests that Mrs. Gould send her the names of the people she met at the luncheon.

A list of New York Pilgrim Visitors, their room assignments on campus, and their home addresses.

S. W. McGill writes that it would give him "great pleasure" to serve Martha Berry with her proposed campaign in New York City.

This letter talks about sending Mr. Krishnayya literature about the Berry Schools for his paper. It explains that although the work of the schools has grown its purpose to educate mountain boys and girls for American Citizenship.

Donation from Mrs. Lawrence and two others totaling $425.

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