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A letter informing Mrs. Hammond of Miss Berry's intent of making a trip to New York for the medal of the National Institute of Social Sciences meeting. She then goes on to describe her excitement in seeing Mrs. Hammond and her entire group of Pilgrims on April 18th. She apologizes for not being able to suggest friends who might make the journey with Mrs. Hammond and the pilgrims. She concludes by sending her love along with the boys and girls.


Martha Berry congratulates Mrs. Hammond on the success of the play and sale. She appreciates that it will spark interest in the Berry Schools. She says that she knew the play would be a success. She informs Mrs. Hammond that Inez is better and expresses her gratitude for the play again.


Martha Berry wants Dr. Green to express her gratitude to the Rome Kiwanis Club for their good wishes while she was in New York.

Martha Berry receives a postcard from a friend informing her that Ford General Motors had Berry students at their exhibit building at the World's Fair.

In this letter Samuel Dobbs apologizes to Martha Berry for not coming to visit the Berry Schools. He says that he was ill on his way to New York and that his doctor scolded him for making the trip.

Berry thanks Hope for her beautiful letter and generous gift. She hopes to see her New York friends soon.

Martha Berry thanks Johm Graham for sending her a clipping and asks that he send her more so that she can know what is going on in New York. She mentions that she saw his family and that several people are coming to visit. She then mentions that she has been thinking about going to New York, but is afraid that she will get sick. She finishes the letter by thanking him and wishing him a blessed Christmas.

Martha Berry requests of Miss Neal that she accompany Mr. Wooten to the custom house in New York in order to recover a picture that she bought on a trip to Carlsbad. The picture is being held at the custom house because it was sent on a different ship than the one Berry returned on. Though Berry lost the will stating her ownership of the picture, she is confident that if Miss Neal talks about the work being done at the Schools, the custom house will relinquish the picture.

Letter from Martha Berry to her youngest sister and wife of Blue Diamond Coal Company president Alexander Bonnyman, Sr., Frances Berry Bonnyman. Berry reports that she is ill and asks Bonnyman to stop in Mount Berry on her way to New York. She informs Bonnyman that Bonnyman's sister-in-law, Mrs. James Bonnyman, would be welcome to stay with Isabel and Tom.

Berry reports that the Rome newspaper has published untrue reports about the donations of Clara and Henry Ford, benefactors of the college. Henry Ford refuses to refute the newspaper's claims, and the college is receiving unwanted negative attention because of the contents of the article(s).


This is a description of all of the expenses that Martha Berry had on her trips to Baltimore, New York, and Bristol.

Berry reports that Pilgrim Hall is coming along nicely and that it was wonderful it was to visit Hammond in New York despite being sick. She has asked Mr. Green to send the names of the teachers because Mrs. Hammond wants to send them cookbooks.

In this letter Miss Berry names the DAR chapters through which they have received donations. She asks State Treasurer Ruth Barber for a complete roster of all of the New York chapters in order to acknowledge the gifts individually.

Dyal asked to speak with Miss Berry after the program as a former student in charge of the printing office and introduce her to a librarian from New York.

Letter to Margareta Colgate from Martha Berry thanking her for endowing half a day in honor of Mr. Colgate. Miss Berry recalls how pleasant he was to her on her visit to them in New York and how interested he was in the work at Berry. She also mentions that she has friends on Park Ave. that she wished Mrs. Colgate knew. She also asks Mrs. Colgate to come and visit her in Georgia.

Martha Berry writes to Mrs. Stilson to thank her for her letter stating that she wishes to leave something behind in her will to the Berry Schools. Martha Berry wishes her a Happy Christmas and New Year.

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