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Letter from the New Jersey State Treasurer, Miss Mildred C. Ennis, to Martha Berry with $85.00 collected from four Chapters in New Jersey.

This letter to Martha Berry is a response to her request for the amounts of the New Jersey chapters of the Berry Schools through the Treasury General. It appears that Martha Berry was not given these numbers beforehand, and Mildred C. Ennis assures her that she will get them to her with the check in the future.

This letter contains information about the New Jersey Daughters of the American Revolution organization at the Berry School and their money contributions.

Margaret T. Corwin is following up after a letter one of her seniors, Betty Mayfield, sent to Martha asking her to come speak at the New Jersey College for Women during the second semester. She would like to second the invitation. She explains that they are doing a series on religious giving and are inviting people to come talk about their work. She suggests a few possible dates and states the stipend for guest speakers.

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