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Martha writes to Mr. Penny about the pleasure it was to meet him in New York. She also writes to him trying to confirm what the day he wanted her to visit his place in Florida as she has a conflict on the date that she believes he wanted her to visit.

Miss Berry tells Mrs. Inman that she is sad because she has had to break engagements that would have meant money for Berry because of her health. She also explains that she's going to New York in March but needs Inez Wooten to go to with her because she isn't strong enough to go alone. She asks Mrs. Inman to go to Augusta as soon as possible so she can set up the exhibit at the Bon-Air. She tells Mrs. Inman to let her know if she needs Inez. Miss Berry also notes that she thinks it's better to have less publicity in Atlanta so others don't try to do the same things Berry is doing.

Miss Berry accepts Mr. Pratt's invitation to speak at the annual meeting of the Forestry Association in February. She explains how interested she and The Berry Schools are in forestry.

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