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The Berry Schools faculty member is sending a letter to the Managing Editor of Darby to inform him of Miss Berry's absence.

George Derby, the Managing Editor of The National Cyclopedia of American Biography, is curious as to whether or not Miss Berry received a letter with the proof of her biography because Derby would like to publish it. He is also double checking to see if Miss Berry's educational background that has been provided is accurate.

Mr. Derby writes to Miss Berry to ask her to fill out the questionnare enclosed so that The National Cyclopedia of American Biography can complete an entry on her and the work she has done.

George Derby is asking Martha Berry to fill out a questionnaire so she could be included in an encyclopedia of Americans who have made a significant impact to her field in history. Included in the document are some of the questions of her background, impact, and family history.

Egbert Gillis Handy, the associate editor of the National Cyclopedia of American Biography, would like Miss Martha Berry to schedule an appointment with him. The editorial office he works for is earnest to complete Miss Berry's biography for the cyclopedia, and he finds it most desirable if they both meet in person.

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