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Emily V. Hammond informs Martha Berry of the change of time of her broadcast. She also tells her of some individuals willing to sell Berry handicrafts.

Emily V. Hammond writes with details about donations, an address by Berry on WEAF radio, and an opportunity to speak at the Verdi Club concert.

Transcription of a telegram to Martha Berry from Emily Vanderbilt Hammond informing Martha Berry that the newspaper articles and report of the school have been received and that Mrs. Ogden Reid will try to have a story printed in the Herald Tribune. Hammond asks Berry to confirm a date for her radio broadcast. She cautions that funds are hard to raise and suggests that Berry try to cut expenses.

Hammond encloses a check for $1,500 and advises that Berry mention this and another contribution of $2,500 when she speaks to the Pilgrims at Hammond's home on Nov. 17. Hammond asks Berry what she would think of sharing radio time with Katherine Tift Jones if the National Broadcasting Company cannot broadcast her speech on the planned date. Hammond has engaged a publicist for the St. Bartholomew's Church speech and hopes Berry will give a personal interview.

Martha Berry discusses impending arrangements for her to speak on NBC radio from New York and who should be invited.

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