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A letter expressing thanks for Mrs. Hoge's get well message when Martha was away. Also, she updates Mrs. Hoge on Mrs. Wright's sick children, and congratulates Mrs. Hoge on her daughter Evelyn graduating with honors.

Martha writes to Clifton to make sure that Mrs. Wright gets butter sent to her every week this summer.

Berry sends Miss Neal a telegram urgently telling her to see Mr. Ochs' secretary about the Pictorial Review Award.

Miss Berry informs Miss Neal on her sister's current state of condition since an automobile accident greatly injured her. She also informs Miss Neal that she will be unable to attend an event at Mohonk Lake, but hopes the two will be able to reschedule.

Miss Berry informs Miss Neal about an automobile accident her sister, Mrs. Wright, had when one of the school boys was driving her and the car turned over and asks again if Miss Neal could join her at Lake Mohonk. She describes the hot weather and having made several trips to the mountains.

Berry reminds Blake of his promise to buy back from her the Lookout Mountain property she purchased from him.

In this letter Martha Berry thanks Dr. Harbin for his dedicated service over the years. She also expresses her gratitude for Dr. William, especially since he helped her during her illness. She even advises Mrs. Wright to visit him. Martha Berry ends the letter by mentioning the Easter lily she sent to Dr. Harbin to let him know she was thinking of him.

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