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Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Robert Sturgis regarding scheduling a dinner meeting in Philadelphia.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. Robert Sturgis requesting a Philadelphia telephone directory?

Letter to Mrs. Robert Sturgis from Martha Berry informing her that Miss Berry will be happy to be with her on the 28th and 29th and also states that if there is anything that she needs her to do that she is at her service. Miss Berry also states that she is glad that Mrs. Hammond is going to be there as well. She thanks Mrs. Sturgis for being interested in the schools. Miss Berry informs Mrs. Sturgis that the schools have many visitors but that most of them only come to get ideas but that the schools need visitors who will invest in the lives of the boys and girls attending the schools. She informs Mrs. Sturgis that she is a God send to the schools and thanks her again.

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