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A note of donations made by Mrs. Edwin Sunderland and Miss Alice Morris II for tickets to the Berry Benefit.

A log of donations received from Mrs. John Hammond for a new printing press at Berry from October 9, 1937 to December 13, 1927

A letter attached to Lawrence Morris' letter, in addition to two donation checks.

A thank you letter for the check, letter, and package of dresses Mrs. Hammond sent previously.

A thank you letter for forwarding a donation check from a Mrs. Kinney in addition to mourning for some lost friends of Berry.

Donations totaling $3.00 were submitted by Mrs. John Henry Hammond on behalf of Miss Ethel M. Green and Mrs. Bessie MacLuman.

Letter to Mrs. John Henry Hammond from Martha Berry about a false article about the Ford donations in the Rome paper.

Morrison thanks Martha Berry for the cotton balls she received at Christmas time. She says that she was very pleased to learn from Mrs. John Henry Hammond that the dinner for the Endowment Fund at the Berry Schools resulted in subscriptions for $114,000.

Martha Berry thanks Emily Vanderbilt Hammond for the recent visit of the Pilgrims to campus, describing the inspiration she and the students took from the visitors. Berry wishes Hammond could have accompanied her on a visit to the "homes on the mountainside" and writes of planning her own pilgrimage there. Berry describes a visit to the little cabin -- "the home of all my dreams and loving prayers for the Berry Schools."

Emily Vanderbilt Hammond's secretary lets Berry know that she is sending 500 Berry pledge cards.

Miss Berry writes about Estelle Whitfield's death and her hope that they could endow a day in her memory. She also writes about her niece's wedding to Prince Chiga.


Mr. Bliss writes that he is unable to help the Berry Schools as he is involved with many other activities.

Letter from Martha Berry to Mrs. John Henry Hammond in appreciation for her $2,500 donation for an endowed day.

In this letter Martha Berry discusses a great need for roofing tiles at the schools. She ends the letter on a more personal note with mention of Adele's wedding.


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