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letter to Mrs. Frank Inman from Martha Berry concerning the idea of the Mothers' Building and the donations needed to build it. She informs Mrs. Inman that they need the Mothers' Building in order to house the increasing number of girls that wish to attend the Berry Schools and to reduce the crowding that was already present in the girls dormitories. Miss Berry asks if Mrs. Inman can write Miss Neal and Mr. Beck to help with the building because she believes it is a beautiful idea. She also informs Mrs. Inman that she wishes her to come to the schools as often as she can for a visit.

Martha writes to Mr. Friend having heard that he was interested in the name "Berry" and wishes to know what data he may have on the family. She also thanks him for his donation for the Mother's building and sending him some literature on the school.

Martha Berry writes that she will try to impress on Mrs. Inman that "the building" must be fireproof. She asks Carlson to confirm his commission on the chapel, referring to a lower commission on previous projects.

Browne confirms her travel plans to come to paint Martha Berry's portrait and asks for a description of the portrait's planned location.

Browne discusses how she wishes to approach painting Martha Berry's portrait, working partially from a miniature of Berry painted ten years ago, but primarily from life. She tells Berry she would be able to erase "the traces of the past ten years" in the new portrait if Berry wishes, but thinks that an accurate representation of her face would be more interesting and compelling to potential donors.

Letter to P.C. McDuffie from Martha Berry informing him that she hopes to be in for his invitation to luncheon. However, she informs him that if she comes to Atlanta she will see Mrs. Inman and will let him know if she is available. She thanks him for the invitation and trusts that she will be able to join him.

The Berry Schools explain that Miss Berry is away from the schools but that if she promised the feathers would be made up then Mrs. Matthews should send them to the schools and they'll put the order in for her. They warn her that it may take several weeks because the department hasn't been open for the summer.

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