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A check for $5.00 to be sent to Mrs. Hammond so it can be put in the Berry Schools Benefit Fund.

A letter thanking Mrs. Hope for her letter and gift after Irene Biglow's passing. Additionally she updates Mrs. Hope on her health and thanks her for informing her of Miss Norris' illness.

A letter informing Mrs. Hammond of Miss Berry's intent of making a trip to New York for the medal of the National Institute of Social Sciences meeting. She then goes on to describe her excitement in seeing Mrs. Hammond and her entire group of Pilgrims on April 18th. She apologizes for not being able to suggest friends who might make the journey with Mrs. Hammond and the pilgrims. She concludes by sending her love along with the boys and girls.


A letter informing Mrs. Hammond of Mr. Hammond's unanimous election to for a membership on Berry's board. She goes on to say her regret in not being able to attend a special event for Mr. Hammond, and how after everything she should be there and wishes desperately that she could. Berry enclosed a letter clipping written by Dr. Morgan, former President of UT telling of the successes of the younger Berry students.


Mr. Hall tells Martha Berry that he has heard wonderful things about the speech she gave when she received a medal. He says that he has enclosed a picture of Martha Berry with ex-President Herbert Hoover, which he has also sent to Mrs. John Henry Hammond.

A letter of thanks for Miss Williams and the Girls' Friendly Society of their church for raising $27 to help the boys and girls at Berry Schools, and of Mrs. Hammond for giving the recital to raise the money. She goes on to mention that she wishes she had been well enough to attend.

A letter explaining the whereabouts of a missing money order that was intended for Martha Berry

Letter of acknowledgement for a check for $10.92 for her order of Brace Up Thoughts.


A thank you letter for a donation received from Mrs. Blake through Mrs. Hammond.

Mrs. Hammond sent Martha Berry a check for $15 from a woman named Mrs. William Hillen who just moved to Tokyo and another check for $2 from a different woman, Miss Katharine Grable.

Love sent from the Berry Pilgrims to Miss Martha Berry and a line saying that they cherish the school and are full of admiration and love for Martha.


A letter to Mrs. Hammond from Miss Martha Berry in response to the telegram that Mrs. Hammond and the pilgrims sent her. She responds by informing her of her slow recovery from illness.


A letter enclosing the list of the contributions toward the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship fund. The letter goes on to include specific recent donations as well. The letter closes with their joy in having her the and the pilgrims come and stay with them earlier that year, and their thankfulness for her friendship.


Mrs. John C. Aisenbrey's Civics Class donated money to the Emily V. Hammond Scholarship Fund. The Berry Schools sends their thanks.

A receipt for her gift to Berry's library, which was received through Mrs. Hammond.

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