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Miss Berryfirst explains the delay in answering Miss Crosby's letter, expresses her thanks for the useful gifts that Miss Crosby has provided: a magazine subscription to "Theatre Arts Monthly which she wishes will be renewed" ,and a box of clothes for the mountain needy . Miss Berry also explains how the gifts are used an appreciated by the Berry community.

Letter expresses disappointment about not being able to attend Mrs Hammonds' party and discusses her wish to meet with Miss Berry that fall. Mrs. MacArthur also encloses a check to be used to buy library books.

Martha Berry thanks Mrs White for her $150 gift that will be used for a scholarship. She writes about Ophelia a pretty girl from Possum Trot that wants to attend Berry.

Martha Berry writes that she has been informed about Mrs. Marquand's death, and tells about what a dear friend she was personally and to the schools.

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