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In this letter, Martha Berry says that the paved road needs to be widened and that the school needs to make arrangements about the produce from the Possum Trot farmers. Although she had hired some assistants, Martha Berry often wrote her own business letters like this one.

Coolidge and Carlson conveys a request that Thompson Starrett include the Berry purchase of a delivery truck body as an extra charge for laundry equipment.

Architect Harry J. Carlson reports on correspondence with Mr. Skinner, reassuring Martha Berry that he thinks the trouble is over and things will go smoothly from now on.

Architect Harry J. Carlson addresses Martha Berry's concerns about stonework and walls, saying that he is not concerned and suggesting that she depend on Mr. Hanson's expertise in the matter. He encloses a letter from Mrs. St. John but indicates that her suggestions cannot be implemented.

Harry J. Carlson responds to Martha Berry's request for advice about getting John E. Bierwirth, Thompson Starrett Company vice president, on the Berry Board of Trustees by counseling that she wait to discuss the matter with Bierwirth in person. Carlson comments further on fundraising and hopes that the "Detroit friends" will postpone their visit. He asks Berry to have Mr. Skinner respond more fully about the dairy.

Mrs. J.S. St. John writes to Harry J. Carlson about the sinks on the cooking lab, after having looked at plans with Mr. Skinner.

In this letter the Berry Schools ask Mr. Hoehler for help with new laundry equipment.

In this letter Martha Berry discusses a great need for roofing tiles at the schools. She ends the letter on a more personal note with mention of Adele's wedding.


In this brief letter to Miss Berry from H. J. Carlson of Coolidge and Carlson Architects concerning the sketch for the Recitation Building that would be shown to Henry Ford. Carlson briefly talks about waterproofing in which he has written to a Mr. Skinner.

Martha Berry asks that Mr. Harrington send designs for the stand and lamp she has ordered as soon as possible. She hopes that he and Mrs. Harrington will come to help finish a room as friends who visited recently were critical of it.

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